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Iwokrama Field Station

Iwokrama International Centre

Central Guyana

Iwokrama was established to promote the conservation, sustainable and equitable utilisation of tropical rainforest in a manner that leads to lasting ecological, economic and social benefits. The Centre is responsible for the conservation and management of the 360,000ha (1,000,000 acres) Iwokrama Forest for research and development purposes. Half the area will be retained as a Wilderness Preserve.

Part of Iwokrama’s mission is to develop new sustainable uses for tropical rain forest ecosystems in order to increase the value of these ecosystems and thereby encourage their conservation. Sustainable utilisation is to be combined with research, training and outreach to develop and demonstrate sustainable rain forest management practises on an operational scale.

Iwokrama verandah

Iwokrama is located in the heart of Guyana, with accommodation in five timber cabins with thatched roofs, on the banks of the Essequibo River. Each cabin has it’s own bathroom facilities and veranda overlooking the river.
Iwokrama cabins

Meals are served in the main dining hall, where you can mingle with the rangers, administrative and scientific staff.

The field station is the base for exploratory trips into the forest, where you can sling a hammock at one of the numerous satellite camps.

Iwokrama lounge

Turtle Mountain offers a challenging hike rewarded by spectacular views across the canopy and river to the distant mountains.
Boat trips at night offer close inspection of Spectacled Caiman and by day visit Kurupukari Falls to see Amerindian petroglyphs. During the right season there is probably no better place on earth to see Jaguar in the wild with 1 in 3 visitors viewing the big cats at dusk or dawn.

Number of rooms:     5 cabins capable of sleeping up to 5 pax each with ensuite toilet and bathroom.  Separate main dining and lounge area.

Getting there:             By combination of aircraft and vehicle or by vehicle only.

Connects well with:   Rock View Lodge, Karanambu Ranch, Atta Rainforest Lodge and Surama Village.


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